3 Cleaning Products I Don't Buy Anymore

Here are the 3 common household cleaning products that I no longer buy thanks to going low waste and adopting a greener, more natural cleaning routine for a safer and more sustainable home.

  1. Toilet Cleaner
  2. Glass & Mirror Spray Cleaner
  3. Wood Cleaner/Polish

How many bottles and sprays do you currently have under your kitchen or bathroom sink right now?

These days there seems to be a different cleaning product for every conceivable task in the home, but have you every questioned what is in these products, how safe are they are for us, our families, our pets, and if they are even necessary? For a long time I didn’t.

That all changed as I started to read more about the health and environmental implication of my cleaning cupboard. Warnings on bottles with ‘danger, ‘toxic’, ‘caution’ and instructions to ‘wear gloves & ventilate the room after use’, should all signal alarm bells that these products really are not suitable for our homes or for the environment that they ultimately end up in. 

Usually made with all sorts of non-renewable, petroleum based, chemical combinations and synthetic fragrances, we are often unaware of the indoor air pollution we are exposing ourselves to everyday. If we are not careful, using common store bought cleaning products, air/clothing fresheners, candles and liquid detergents are not only contaminating the air but vital water supplies, as well as putting marine life at risk. Not to mention exposure and misuse of harsh chemicals can lead to our own mild and serious health conditions. From skin, eye and respiratory irritation to more serious conditions linked to longer and repeated exposure like cancer, neurological, autoimmune and hormonal disorders.

I also quickly realised it wasn’t just about what was in the products that was worrying, but the waste from endless plastic bottles, plastic sponges and microfiber cloths is unnecessary and a real problem for the environment that I did not want to contribute to anymore. Zero waste and a low-tox life go hand in hand! Now I did not change everything at once, I started here and there with a few DIY concoctions that I felt comfortable with and it grew from there.

What I use instead?

  1. Toilet Cleaner – Spray (or pour) white vinegar around the toilet bowl, then sprinkle Baking Soda, it will fizz a bit, the baking soda will make for a great scouring paste - use a toilet brush to scrub clean. White vinegar can also be left for 30+ minutes and then scrubbed. Seat can be wiped with the glass cleaning vinegar spray below. 
  2. Glass & Mirror Cleaning Spray - Mix 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, wipe clean with cloth or rag. This can also be used for sinks, tubs and counters
  3. Wood Cleaner/Polish - Mix ¼ cup lemon juice (or white vinegar) + ½ teaspoon olive oil, dab solution onto a soft cloth or rag to wipe wooden surfaces (best made and used as it doesn’t store well).

Perhaps one of these alternatives will help you start your transition to greener cleaning with less waste and even save a few pennies on the way!