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How to make change & turn the mundane into meaningful!

How we spend our minutes, days and weeks is how we spend our lives.

We are not defined by the few ‘bad’ decision we have made but on the accumulative effects of our long term and everyday habits and choices. It is in these everyday choices we have control and it is where we have the power to make meaningful change in our own lives and ultimately the world!!

Where to start?

Let’s switch off auto-pilot and become actively engaged with those small moments that fill the day…washing dishes, prepping food, cleaning the house....these are the repetitive moments that build up our life and have impact on the world around us!

Can we elevate the energy around the everyday mundane? Can we make better choices that bring a bit more joy and meaning to those moments, tasks and actions?

Success is a series of good decision made consistently.

Incremental changes made overtime, making marginal adjustments to your routine will create huge impact. Whether it is related to your health and fitness goals, relationships and friendships, general wellbeing or your environmental impact!

Just a 2% ongoing improvement over time is enough to create meaningful movement in the direction you want to go. It starts will one small decision for the better.

Can you be 2% better today than you were last week?

Whether you want to work on your environmental impact or something else in your personal life the following questions are good starting points...

  • Look at your routine, where do you see opportunity for small or big changes?
  • What mundane everyday moment can you make meaningful and more enjoyable?
  • How do you want to look back at your time and impact/footprint you have left behind?