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Eco Dish Brush Set
Eco Dish Brush Set
Eco Dish Brush Set
Eco Dish Brush Set

Eco Dish Brush Set

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With a brush for every job this 4 piece set is all you need to make washing the dishes a lot more meaningful & enjoyable! Not only are they plastic free but they look great and work better than any plastic brush. 

Set includes:

  • Classical Dish Brush, Pot Brush, Coconut Plate Brush & Bottle Brush
  • Bamboo & 100% plant fibre bristles
  • Go great with our multipurpose Dish Washing Soap Block
  • Suitable for Kitchen & Bathroom use


    • Dry brushes after use - do not leave soaking in water
    • Brushes can be disinfected by soaking bristles in boiling water & vinegar/water for 20 minutes.
    • As these are all natural wooden products, over time some cracks and oxidation may form but it should not impair their function (after all, we want things to break down!). You may use sand paper to freshen up but it is not necessary.