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Snack Size SAVER SET
Snack Size SAVER SET
Snack Size SAVER SET

Snack Size SAVER SET

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SAVE 15% with this double pack of Small Silicone Zip Bags!

Perfect for snacks, organising the fridge and cupboards as well as handy handbag size for on the go!

We are sure you won't be disappointed - these bags keep all kind of food fresh for longer, meaning less food waste and no more single use plastic.

  • 2 Small 500ml 

Great for:

  • Keeping leaves and greens crunchy and fresh for DAYSSS (no more soggy spinach or rocket!)
  • Storing all kind of fruit and half cuts - lemons, oranges, apples, avocados and more (will keep the edges from turning colour or drying up - no one likes to eat a brown apple slice)
  • Travel - snacks, toiletries
  • Freezing - bread, fruit, meat
  • Leakproof & Airtight - sliding bar secures tightly into place but easy to open and close


Why Silicone?

  • Non-toxic, BPA free - does not leach harmful chemicals into our food
  • High heat resistance
  • Safe plastic-alternative and much better for health & the environment


  • Hand wash with soap & warm water
  • For stains and odours - soak with vinegar, warm water and bicarbonate of soda for 1 hour, then clean with soap & water
  • Dishwasher safe but we recommend hand washing