You can only make better choices if you have better options!

The Good Karma Co. brings eco friendly lifestyle essentials to you, in the hope that it will make it easier to SAY YES to the small changes that can really make a difference! We can all do something to create a little more good karma and the world needs our effort now more than ever.

What you buy and use matter. The habits you break and the new ones you nurture, matter and are far reaching, but living low waste is not about perfection or extremes - it's about doing what we can with what we have!

We hope we can inspire you to make that switch or small change, and together we can inspire and lead the way to a cleaner and greener future.

When did it all start?

It all started in May 2019, when I was fed up of waiting for something to change, so I decided to initiate change myself. You can all do the same!

Instead of getting frustrated and upset by the plastic waste, climate change and the lack of accessibility to alternative choices in the Middle East, I decided to focus my energy on doing more good and I hope we can help you do the same.

I am passionate about making sustainable choices accessible, functional, beautiful and meaningful. I truly believe in balance and kindness - especially to ourselves, so whether you are a long time low waster or a newbie to the show - welcome and take it one step at a time. It's not about perfection it is about focusing on what we CAN DO.

Update 2020 : While I am now living back in the UK since the summer, The Good Karma Co. is still very much serving Dubai and the UAE with a great team taking care of your orders locally! This is also the reason why your check out will be processed in GBP, please reach out with any questions!