Safety Razor - Black
Safety Razor - Black

Safety Razor - Black

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A simple swap that will reduce the waste produced from disposables razors.

Our sleek and timeless razor is not only designed to last but designed to give you an irritation-free, smooth shave whilst also being a beautiful addition to your bathroom and self care routine. 

Why a safety razor?

No only will it prevent hundreds of plastic disposable razors ending up in landfill (think how many you have used in your lifetime!) it is very cost effective long term and its better for your skin!

  • Significantly reuse waste
  • Better for your skin (single blade means no tug and pulling)
  • Chemical free (some disposable have pads full of scents and chemicals) 
  • Reduces shaving bumps and ingrown hairs (cuts the hairs at the skins surface unlike multi blades that cut deeper)
  • Save Money - one razor should last you years and a pack of 100 blades is cheaper than a pack of disposable razors!
  • + Looks beautiful


  • Made of quality brass 
  • Includes 1 pack of 5 double edge blades - should last at between 25- 40 shaves
  • The blades that fit our razors are universal double-edged blades, which are available on our website and can be easily found online
  • Blades are made of Stainless Steel + can be recycled

Tips for use & care

  • Use warm water with oil, cream or soap lather
  • Do not apply any pressure as the razor is weighted and designed to glide easily
  • Go slow the first few times
  • Dry between uses and store away from direct water
  • Clean regularly to prolong the blade and razor life
  • Store old blades in a jar or tin, and save for recycling